Bill Gates Crosses the $90 Billion Net Worth Threshold

Bill Gates is now worth more than $90 billion, crossing a new threshold according to Bloomberg’s billionaire Index.

The increase in wealth is not from Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) but from smaller companies, Canadian National Railway (NYSE: CNI) Company and Ecolab (NYSE: ECL), two companies in which Bill Gates is a shareholder.

The wealth of Microsoft’s CEO has grown substantially in 2016, according to Bloomberg. At the beginning of the year, Gates’ net worth was approximately $75 billion, so an additional $15 billion was added to his net worth.

Mr. Gates is now way ahead of the second richest man in the world Amancio Ortega, a Spanish retailer, who is currently worth about $76 billion.

Bill Gates is one of the billionaires, along with Warren Buffet, who have established The Giving Pledge, which is a pledge involving the richest people to give at least half of their net worth during life or death for charitable causes.  Gates and his wife Melinda, announced a while back that they will donate “the vast majority” of their wealth to causes both during their lifetimes and after. 

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