BioAxone BioSciences CEO Lisa McKerracher Speaker at NeuroTrauma2018 Conference

BioSciences, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on developing
innovative drugs to treat neurotrauma and neurovascular disorders today
announced that CEO Lisa McKerracher, PhD, will be a platform speaker on
the Scientific Program, “Update on Clinical Trials in SCI” at NeuroTrauma2018,
The 3rd Joint Symposium of the International and National
Neurotrauma Societies and AANS/CNS Section on Neurotrauma and Critical
Care, August 15.

“It is now understood that PTEN is an intrinsic barrier to regeneration
of neurons in the central nervous system,” said Dr. McKerracher. “We are
honored to have the opportunity to share the way in which we are
investigating a therapeutically relevant PTEN gene silencing strategy to
promote axon regeneration after neurotrauma.”

Spinal cord injury is a devastating condition that generally results in
sensory and motor paralysis below the level of the injury. Most spinal
cord injuries are in the cervical (neck) region of the spinal cord. Even
very small improvements in neurological recovery in these patients could
restore arm and hand mobility, significantly impacting quality of life.
Despite the serious nature of spinal cord injury and potential for
therapeutic benefit, there are no drugs on the market to repair neuronal
damage and reduce paralysis after spinal cord injury.

About BioAxone BioSciencesBioAxone BioSciences is a
clinical-stage biotechnology company based in Cambridge, MA, and is
developing innovative drugs to restore neurological function for
patients with spinal cord injuries and neurovascular disorders. The
company also has preclinical programs in restoring epithelial barriers
in gastrointestinal disease and in glaucoma. BioAxone is led by a team
of scientists renowned for their work on axon regeneration, diseases
involving Rho/ROCK signaling and cell barrier function. For more
information, visit
and follow the company on Twitter at @BioAxone.

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