Biotricity appoints Dr. Rony Shimony to Board of Advisors

Biotricity Inc. (OTCQB:BTCY) is a modern medical technology company focused on delivering innovative, remote biometric monitoring solutions to the medical and consumer markets, including diagnostic and post-diagnostic solutions for chronic conditions and lifestyle improvement. Biotricity has appointed Dr. Rony Shimony to its Board of Advisors, Shimony is an established clinical cardiologist that has over twenty five years of experience in cardiac patient care and related technology.

Dr. Shimony, said in a statement, “I am very pleased to join biotricity’s board of advisors and share my experiences and insights to help the company address major cardiovascular diseases and improve patient’s outcomes. Cardiovascular diseases claim more than 17 million lives worldwide, more than any other disease and more than all cancers combined. CDC data reports that heart disease claims 600,000 Americans on a yearly basis. Heart disease affects 1 out of 4 males and 1 out of 3 females and there are 750,000 strokes a year in the US, of which 175,000 reoccur.” “The size of the population affected is staggering. biotricity’s next-generation monitor detects life threatening arrhythmias and arrhythmias that might lead to stroke, such as atrial fibrillation, in real-time. Falls due to bradycardia events and other arrhythmias can lead to disability and death, especially in the elderly, making response and patient location critical. With built in location capability, biotricity’s monitor can potentially reduce response times and improve outcomes.”

Founder and CEO of Biotricity, Waqaas Al-Siddiq, said in a statement, “we look forward to leveraging Dr. Shimony’s clinical and diagnostic expertise to help drive the adoption of our next-generation medical-grade wearables in mainstream healthcare practices.” “As heart disease remains the #1 killer globally, representing 31 percent of all deaths worldwide, we are thrilled to have Dr. Shimony bring his expertise to our advisory board where he will collaborate with other talented and accomplished members to help drive our strategic vision of evolving the healthcare industry.”

Dr. Shimony is director of Clinical Cardiology at Mount Sinai west with a BS degree in Biology from SUNY Albany, as well as a MD from SUNY Buffalo.

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