Biotricity Selects AT&T to Provide Network Connectivity for its Remote Monitoring Solutions

Biotricity (OTCQB: BTCY) is a modern medical technology company with a focus on remote biometric monitoring solutions for chronic conditions and life style improvement as well. The company makes medical wearable devices.

Tuesday, Biotricity has announced it has selected AT&T, Inc. (NYSE: T) as a network partner through which it will provide connectivity to the company’s medical devices. The devices will be powered with near real time connectivity, transmitting data collected by the devices. The company’s vision, to create a sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) system for their wearable medical devices, is now possible.   

Biotricity CEO, Waqaas Al-Siddiq said in a statement, “For medical device manufacturers to successfully enter and establish themselves in the new connected healthcare industry, it is imperative that they look beyond traditional forms of technological innovation… As we prepare to commercialize our first medical solution, we understand the importance of integrating IoT into next generation devices within the regulatory environment, as we believe there will be a true market advantage.”

AVP of Business Development and Connected Health at AT&T IoT Solutions, Steve Burger, added, “IoT will support a new generation of medical devices capable of transmitting data on an ongoing basis that help push care outside of the hospital and allow for continuous care virtually wherever the patients goes.”

Wearable medical devices have the potential to be a crucial improvement in preventive care, home care critical care response and more.

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