Bipartisan Dialogue for Health Insurance Market

A need for bipartisan dialogue has been felt by both Democrat and Republican lawmakers to prevent a breakdown of health insurance market. Senator Lamar Alexander, a Republican from Tennessee, said that the hearings on bipartisan health care will be held by the Senate health committee. Hearings will be on how to repair individual markets. A cluster of 40 lawmakers had endorsed an outline of all the ideas aimed at fixing Obamacare. This step towards healthcare bipartisanship comes as a few GOPs consider an approach which is noticeably different from the stance taken by President Donald J. Trump.

Stabilizing markets

Alexander announced on August 1st that the health committee of the Senate will start hearings in the month of September. This is being done in the hope to stabilize the individual market for health insurance. He likened the health care situation to a house on fire. He said that both Democrats and Republicans agree that there should be a solution. The senator said through an official statement that he was working in tandem with Senator Patty Murray, a Democrat elected from Washington, to make such hearings a bipartisan affair.

Trump has taken a strident line on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) after legislative efforts in the Senate failed to fructify. He said that he prefers to see 'Obamacare implode'. The president, via a number of tweets, had threatened to halt payment towards the cost sharing subsidies to be had by insurance companies. These subsidies assist to lower the out-of-pocket costs for policy holders earning low incomes. He termed them 'bailouts'.

Solution must come

Whatever happens, Congress must arrive at a solution prior to September 27. This is the date when all insurers will sign contracts with the federal government to understand what insurance plans can be sold through the exchange in 2018. Approximately 18 million Americans hitherto enjoying their individual market insurance will be affected. He warned that the absence of any action may result in nil policies available to purchase in 2018 as the insurance companies will scamp away from the collapsing markets. The senator also urged President Trump to continue on a temporary basis the cost sharing payments. If this is done, he said, Congress can work on stabilizing the 2018 individual market. It is to be noted that the Republican Senator voted for two out of a total of three ACA repeal bills. These bills were up for votes in Senate.

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