Blink Health Partners with Blue Eagle Health to Provide Lowest Prescription Prices

Health, the e-commerce platform that makes prescription drugs
affordable for everyone, announces that it will guarantee the lowest
prices for generic prescriptions through Blue Eagle Health, a new
Pharmacy Benefit Administrator.

Blink Health partnered with industry executives to create Blue Eagle, an
important alternative to the traditional prescription industry middlemen
– known as Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) – that drive up prices and
reap exorbitant profits at the expense of consumers.

Through Blue Eagle, Blink Health is able to offer its pharmacy partners
complete transparency into how much they will be paid for every
prescription. This contrasts with the current model, where pharmacies do
not have visibility into how much they will receive on prescriptions due
to unfair clawbacks and other fees imposed by PBMs. Blue Eagle Health
also does not demand controversial restrictions known as “gag orders”
that some PBMs impose on pharmacies to preclude them from notifying
patients of lower available prices.

“When we started Blink Health, we focused on providing patients with
lower costs and transparency before they got to the pharmacy counter.
The pharmacy is the only place in retail where patients don’t know the
price of a product until they get to the register,” said Geoffrey
Chaiken, co-founder and CEO of Blink Health. “What we didn’t realize is
that pharmacies don’t know what they are going to get paid until a month
after they fill a script! We’ve solved this problem and created a
win-win for both consumers and pharmacies.”

“We decided to partner with the Blink Health team because of a shared
vision to bring transparency to our pharmacy retail partners,” said Tom
Luft, President of Blue Eagle Health. “Blue Eagle Health eliminates the
opaque PBM industry practices of clawbacks, administrative fees and gag
orders. We’re excited to work with our retail partners to target
patients who increasingly look to purchase their goods and services

Blue Eagle began processing all Blink Health purchases in late March.
More than 2,500 additional pharmacies have since joined the Blink
network, including regional chains and hundreds of independently owned
community pharmacies nationwide.

Blink Health customers simply purchase their prescription medications
directly on the company’s website or mobile app, and then pick up their
prescriptions at any of Blink Health’s more than 33,000 participating
pharmacies. With more Blink pharmacies than the nation’s McDonalds and
Starbucks combined, patients in every community around the U.S. have
convenient access to the lowest prices for their prescriptions.

About Blink Health

Blink Health makes prescriptions affordable for everyone with the
guaranteed lowest prices on generic medications. Blink Health is not
insurance. As the first e-commerce service of its kind, Blink Health
negotiates directly with prescription medication suppliers on behalf of
all Americans and uses technology to bypass powerful intermediaries.
Patients simply purchase their medications on Blink’s website or app and
pick up their prescriptions at local pharmacies. Founded in 2014, Blink
Health is available to anyone with no vouchers, coupons or membership
fees. Hundreds of thousands of people have purchased their prescription
drugs through Blink Health.

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