Blockchain-based Adents NovaTrack Issues Token to Standardize Access to Comprehensive Supply Chain Traceability

leading serialization and track & trace solutions provider, announces
the issue of tokens that, combined with its NovaTrack platform, will
standardize access to full supply chain traceability.

Adents recently released Adents
NovaTrack, a marriage of technologies co-developed with Microsoft.
The solution utilizes Blockchain, A.I., IoT and serialization
functionalities that, when combined, bring comprehensive visibility
throughout product distribution chains & life cycles. The result is a
solution highly mindful not only in terms of performance and security,
but also governance and scalability.

With NovaTrack, Adents aims to create an ecosystem of consortium-based
blockchains independent from each other, and individually launched
on-demand by various supply chain stakeholders (brands, manufacturers,
logistics professionals, etc.). Each consortium-based blockchain will
provide a secure environment to its participants to share supply chain
data and processes.

From brands, manufacturers and logistics providers to consumers and
regulating bodies, Adents NovaTrack’s mission is to bring transparency,
control and value to all supply chain stakeholders. For this purpose,
Adents will provide a supportive environment for the development of
different ecosystems based on the NovaTrack platform. Supply chain
stakeholders and technology enablers will work together to increase the
transparency and reliability of the global supply chain environment.

NovaTrack will issue tokens that will be used to exchange
information about product life cycles to final consumers, offering
transparency across supply chains to stakeholders.

“Our goal is to create ecosystems of players who are willing to
participate and benefit from a better, transparent and reliable supply
chain. We intend to develop the usage of our platform to increase the
volume of data and enrich the information available, ultimately making
it available to end users,” said Christophe Devins, CEO at Adents.

The collaboration between Adents and Microsoft in developing NovaTrack
follows the successful 2016 launch of the co-developed Adents Prodigi
Level 4 serialization solution. Both companies continue to showcase
their ability to introduce innovative solutions on the market together
and co-market them for maximum impact.

Adents was created in 2007 to provide innovative software solutions that
could, potentially, identify every manufactured product in the world to
comply with regulations, control distribution channels, fight against
counterfeiting, optimize supply chain processes, and improve links
between brands and customers

Adents maintains a global presence with offices in Europe, the US and
Asia and retains a network of more than 800 expert partners worldwide.
In addition to Microsoft, global engineering giant Siemens has chosen
Adents as a technology partner.

Adents has a broad customer base in multiple industries including food &
beverage and life sciences, enabling the company to become a leading
player in the identification and unit traceability of healthcare

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About Adents

Adents is the leading provider of end to end traceability solutions to
secure local and global supply chains.

Adents provides the only integrated serialization solution covering all
track and Trace needs, seamlessly.

Adents operates globally, with offices in the United States, Europe and
Asia. For more info, visit

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