Blockchain Industry Veteran Jaron Lukasiewicz Joins Veridium as Lead Advisor

Labs, an environmental blockchain technology company that is
collaborating with IBM to build tokenized carbon credit markets,
announced today that Jaron Lukasiewicz has joined its advisory board in
a leadership role. Jaron, the CEO of Autonomos Capital, brings years of
experience in the blockchain space to the Veridium Advisory Board, which
already boasts impressive members from the industry such as CNBC’s Brian
Kelly, Hazem Danny Al-Nakib, Alex Lightman, and Yunsoo Andre Kim.

Jaron has been a blockchain entrepreneur since 2012 when he founded
Coinsetter, a leading digital currency exchange in the United States and
Canada. Coinsetter was eventually acquired by Kraken in 2016. Since
then, Jaron has worked with several high profile blockchain projects
through Autonomos Capital, advising their management teams on challenges
commonly faced by companies in the burgeoning industry.

Autonomos Capital is a firm that supports companies using blockchain
technology to bring about positive social change in the world. As its
founder and CEO, Jaron works with upcoming blockchain companies and
connects them with relevant people in the industry, providing strategic
industry insight and advice in tandem. Jaron recently served as an
advisor to Nucleus Vision and to Agora, a project creating tamper-proof
blockchain voting technology to enable fully verifiable elections. With
its focus on reducing carbon emissions to combat climate change,
Veridium is strongly aligned with Autonomos Capital’s core mission of
enabling projects with a positive social impact.

Veridium’s unique solution for issuing carbon credits will transform
them into a new type of tokenized digital asset that can be traded and
utilized with less friction, addressing problems associated with using
carbon offsets today such as: expiration dates, price variations, and
multiple verification standards. Whereas the traditional process of
offsetting corporate carbon footprints can be arduous, Veridium’s
blockchain solution automates this process and makes transaction
reconciliation easy. Many regulators, institutional investors and
consumers have all demanded that companies improve their social and
environmental governance standards. Veridium’s solution helps companies
meet these requirements in a more transparent and efficient way.

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Jaron will be joining
Veridium’s advisory board,” said Todd Lemons, Chairman of Veridium
Foundation, “He is an important addition to the team, not only because
he brings expertise to the table, but also his work with Autonomos
Capital lines up perfectly with the mission and goals that we are trying
to achieve by bringing the carbon credit background in the industry will
help promote Veridium”

On his partnership with Veridium, Jaron stated, “There are not many
teams in the crypto space with as much experience and competency as
Veridium, especially one that is addressing an issue as important as
global climate change. I can’t think of a more worthy cause to devote my
time and resources.”

AboutVeridium is an environmental blockchain company
producing disruptive sustainability solutions for Fortune 500 companies.
Addressing the challenges presently faced in trading natural capital
assets, Veridium has created a tokenized carbon offset solution that
will bring new liquidity to environmental trading markets and create
simplified carbon accounting for enterprise users. The solution also
offsets the carbon emissions associated with digital tokens themselves,
thereby mitigating the growing concern over the carbon emissions
associated with the blockchain industry.


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