Blockclouds First Community Live Attracts Millions to Discuss Future of Blockchain

A live streaming discussion on the future of blockchain went viral last
week after Dr. Ming Zhongxing, Founder and CEO of Blockcloud, gave a
compelling speech to millions of industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Blockcloud is a blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP that provides constant
connectivity for dynamic network. As a solution of growingly complex
data and perpetually changing IP addresses, the emergence of Blockcloud
immediately grasped the attention of leading investors from Genesis
Capital, OK Blockchain Capital, Node Capital, Frees Fund, etc.

The rising startup is now targeting the future of blockchain by
dedicating more efforts to the underlying structure. “I think the future
opportunity of blockchain lies in two parts: top and bottom,” said Dr.
Ming at the online event.

He spoke highly of the protocol-level solutions and DAPP, specifying
that they were the “bottom and top” he had foreseen as great investment
opportunities, and talked about what Blockcloud had been working on.

We do not compete, we collaborate

As a layer-0 solution that is underneath the application layer, Dr. Ming
confirmed that Blockcloud is not a competitor to existing public chains.
Instead, it is a TCP/IP layer protocol-level solution that provides
support to upper layer applications.

He added that Blockcloud is currently seeking collaborations with the
“right” public chain to generate the most effective results.

Quick expansion and more benefits for the users

With a group of academic experts and industry leads, the company has
quickly become one of the most promising blockchain companies in Silicon
Valley and Beijing. With their years of experience and expertise, the
company is able to create competent blockchain applications and overcome
barriers through collaboration between technology and business.

Dr. Ming said Blockcloud’s next step is to better utilize community
functions and provide more benefits to people who contribute. Detailed
rules will be released shortly.

As one of the most valued projects in blockchain, Blockcloud has bigger
ambitions. The company is now planning to enter Southeast Asian market
in the following years and eventually build a global community. “We will
work hard and won’t let you down,” Dr. Ming concluded.

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