BMW Uncovers Color-Changing Electric Vehicle

BMW Uncovers Color-Changing Electric Vehicle

BMW (OTCMKTS: BMWYY) revealed that its new concept vehicle, iX Flow, featuring the “E Ink,” can change colors. The electric vehicle contains the same electrophoretic technology used for e-readers in order to carry out the color-change effect.

The ink has both white and black pigments, and an electric current allows them to change colors between white, black, and gray with a simple push of a button. Nevertheless, the technology does limit the option to those three colors

“This gives the driver the freedom to express different facets of their personality or even their enjoyment of change outwardly, and to redefine this each time they get into their car,” says Stella Clarke, head of Project for the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink. “Similar to fashion or the status ads on social media channels, the vehicle then becomes an expression of different moods and circumstances in daily life.”

According to the automaker, drivers will have the option to change their vehicle’s color depending on their mood or the current weather conditions. The company highlighted that a light surface can be applied on warm sunny days and vice versa on cold days.

“This reduces the amount of energy the vehicle electrical system needs and with it also the vehicle’s fuel or electricity consumption,” the company argues in today’s announcement. “In an all-electric car, changing the color in line with the weather can therefore also help to increase the range. In the interior, the technology could, for example, prevent the dashboard from heating up too much.”

However, at the moment this concept is only an experiment, with no set time or even a clue if it will come to production.

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