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Boardroom Alpha Launches SPAC Research and Data Service

Boardroom Alpha, a ratings and analytics platform providing quantitative measurements of public company directors, CEOs and CFOs, today announced it has launched an intelligence tool for evaluating the performance of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs).

With the new service, investors and service providers can more thoroughly evaluate SPACs with comprehensive data and analytics on every SPAC, sponsor, executive and board member. Users can evaluate the sponsor and management team’s entire SPAC track record to see their propensity for finding quality targets with attractive returns for investors across each point in the SPAC lifecycle. In addition, access to Boardroom Alpha’s proprietary data on company director and executive performance ratings and profiles provides intelligence on these individuals’ ability to drive value as stewards of public companies.

“As SPACs took the market by storm in 2020, applying our methods to provide intelligence specifically on SPAC activity was a natural business extension for us,” said David Pogemiller, President and CEO of Boardroom Alpha. “People are ultimately the difference makers when it comes to driving SPAC performance, which is why our focus on going beyond the basic SPAC details and tying the individuals and sponsor teams back to material outcomes – both at SPACs and at traditional public companies – is crucial.”

In addition to individual performance ratings, the tool aggregates critical information for each SPAC listing including sponsor and underwriter information, structural offering details, previous SPAC listings, regulatory filings, IPO announcements, merger activity, and insider buying and selling. The tool also provides relationship analytics revealing the professional networks of individual SPAC directors, CEOs and CFOs which is used by investors to assess the future deal flow potential which is critical in determining a realistic valuation for the SPAC share price.

“Not only is this one of the most comprehensive and useful SPAC research and investment services on the market, but the powerful analytics make it possible to separate the wheat from the chaff on all things SPAC”, said Matthew Drapkin, Executive Chairman at Boardroom Alpha. “We see the SPAC intelligence service as becoming table stakes for any investor or fund focused on successful SPAC investing.”

The SPAC intelligence product comes on the heels of the release of Boardroom Alpha’s Q4 2020 launch of the company’s proprietary analytics platform which provides intelligence on more than 150,000 publicly listed company directors, officers, CEOs, and CFOs.

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About Boardroom Alpha

Boardroom Alpha was founded in 2018 to revolutionize the assessment of the people running public companies by delivering performance-based ratings and context on every board director, CEO, and CFO across their full track record. Investors use the Boardroom Alpha platform to drive alpha and meet ESG mandates; corporations are adopting it to benchmark against peers and manage hot-topic proxy issues like executive compensation and diversity. Boardroom Alpha also launched a proprietary SPAC research and data service that provides objective performance analytics throughout the life cycle of the SPAC, and ranks the sponsors and management teams behind them.


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