Boeing Autonomous Passenger Air Vehicle Completes First Flight

Boeing (NYSE: BA) announced that it had successfully completed the first test flight of its autonomous passenger air vehicle (PAV) prototype in Manassas, Virginia. The PAV prototype, powered by an electric propulsion system, is designed for fully independent flight from take-off to landing. The air vehicle, spanning 28 feet in width and 30 feet in height, has a range of up to 50 miles.

Dennis A. Muilenberg released a statement about the accomplishment in a tweet today: “From concept to flying prototype in one year, our new passenger air vehicle showcases the innovation of our #Boeing and @AuroraFlightSci teams. First flight is an important step forward in the future of safe urban air mobility.”

The prototype successfully completed a takeoff, hover and land on Wednesday. These movements tested the vehicles autonomous functions and ground control systems. Future flights will test forward, wing-borne flight, along with the transition phase between vertical and forward-flight modes.

In addition to the passenger air vehicle, Boeing’s portfolio includes an autonomous, fully electric cargo air vehicle (CAV), designed to transport up to 500 pounds. The CAV completed indoor flight testing last year and will transition to outdoor flight testing in 2019.

“This is what revolution looks like, and it’s because of autonomy. Certifiable autonomy is going to make quiet, clean and safe urban air mobility possible,” John Langford, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Flight Sciences said.

Other air-taxi prototypes are in development by Airbus Helicopters (OTCMKTS: EADSY) and German start-up Volocopter. Uber has also announced that aerial ridesharing will launch in 2023.

  1. Roger Corales 7 months ago

    $BA Somehow , sometime it will be required for Boeing to produce their own turbofan engines to keep the lead

    • Jules Paxton 7 months ago

      $BA turned top of channel into a flag. Prob going to ATH

  2. Ryan Brennan 7 months ago

    I think $ba is a good short candidate here. at the top of the price and macd range. stoc curling, RSI negative divergent. you can put your stop above that resistance. earnings are next week, you may want to wait until then.

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