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Bolivian President May Fall Short of Majority on His Unprecedented Fourth Term

Bolivian President Morales, has apparently tried to change the constitution and has held a referendum to allow him the opportunity to run for the fourth time which could be an unprecedented move in Bolivian history. Bolivia has already had Mr. Morales for three terms and the President has refused to concede this year’s election to another party, especially his rival party which has been eying the Presidential seat5 for many years now. The unprecedented fourth term is quite a stretch, is what many critics claim. If President Morales is able to pull off the majority he needs for the referendum, it would ensure that Mr. Morales would be President of Bolivia until 2025.

Morales background

Mr. Morales has been the first and only President who has hailed from Bolivia itself, and is indigenous to the nation. He also prides himself on being the only leftist aligned and truly egalitarian President. He has also claimed that his party always has, and always will work for the betterment and development of the people of Bolivia. The President is also strongly backed by his party and Vice President even though the referendum is unprecedented and could allow him drastically more power than anyone else to have held the highest office in the land.

The President’s critics in the other hand seem less convinced about the President’s intention. Many of the opposition parties have chastised the President as a self-fashioned dictator and through the referendum is planning to bring about an absolute and authoritarian regime in the country. The critics seem confident however, that the people of Bolivia would vote against the referendum to allow President Morales a fourth term. They also say that opinion polls depict the falling popularity of the President.

The possible ignominious end

President Morales has been able to bring in a large amount of economic growth to the nation and has stabilized the economy for the nationals and has been very productive. However a few sexual scandals including an illegitimate child has reduced the President’s popularity in his nation. The President rode to success through the working class of the nation and especially the cocoa farmers, who now seem to be dropping out of favor with the President. There have also been corruption scandals leveled against the President. Opinion polls suggest that the President may fall short of the votes in the referendum that he may need for a fourth term.