Books-A-Million to Welcome Vlogger Extraordinaire and Debut Author Hank Green

Boasting more than two billion views on YouTube and Crash Course, Hank
Green is headed to Canton during his national tour to discuss his
debut novel about the impact of instant internet fame and first
encounters of the mysterious kind. Books-A-Million invites guests
to join Hank Green along with his special guest and brother, John Green,
for a multimedia event featuring Hank’s highly anticipated book “An
Absolutely Remarkable Thing.” This event will take place on Thursday,
September 27 at 7 p.m. at Canton Palace Theatre, located at 605
Market Avenue North in Canton, Ohio.

Set for release on Tuesday, September 25, Green creates a sweeping and
cinematic tale with “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing,” which follows the
story of a young woman who becomes an overnight celebrity without
knowing that she might be part of a bigger and otherworldly plan. After
stumbling upon a strange yet intriguing statue, April May posts a video
of the interesting figure on YouTube and upon waking up the next morning
she finds herself in the international spotlight after the video goes
viral. April finds herself at the epicenter of an intense media frenzy
as the first documentarian of the Carls (her name for the “robot”) and
things get heated as more and more evidence points to these figures
being true aliens. Dealing with the fear of the unknown and the
consequences of expedited internet fame, April sets out on a quest to
find out who these Carls really are and what they want from her planet.

“It’s about a group of friends who accidentally become the most
important people in the world,” Green says while discussing his book.
“Or, at least, they would like you to think it was an accident.”

Named “one of America’s most popular science teachers,” Hank Green hosts
and produces nearly a dozen educational YouTube channels along with
brother and bestselling author, John Green. The “Nerdfighter” leaders
began making videos for their channel, Vlogbrothers, over ten years ago
and they have since created several channels that encourage kids to
enjoy learning, including Crash Course and SciShow. In addition to his
vlogging success, Green is a singer songwriter and his writings have
been featured in outlets such as Mental Floss, The New York Times
and Scientific American.

To attend this event, guests must purchase an Eventbrite ticket in
advance by visiting
Each ticket will include admission to the show and an autographed first
edition copy of Green’s new book, “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.” The
event will include a Q&A session with the Green brothers about the book
and more. In lieu of a public signing, the first 100 ticket buyers will
be invited to a meet-and-greet with Hank Green. Posed photos with
personal phones will not be allowed, but an event photographer will be
available for photos of fans.

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