Border Patrol Agents and Trump

Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential nominee, paid tribute to those border patrol agents along with their families who were killed by illegal immigrants to the United States. He brought a few agents to the stage in the course of a rally in the city of Austin, Texas. The GOP nominee used these servicemen to buttress his decision to construct a United States-Mexico border wall.

It is believed that Trump will elaborate on his complete immigration plans during the fourth week of August. There were suggestions that TheDonald could violate his earlier pledge to deport all illegal immigrants from the United States. There are about 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country. The surprising thing about the incident is that Trump is in Texas. His aides told the assembled media that the Republican candidate went there to hold a few fundraisers and also reiterate plans to toughen security at the border.

Trump and African-Americans

According to Donald Trump, African Americans are moving in wrong direction. He promised that he will help to rectify this imbalance. The real estate billionaire siad that success equals an excellent education with a better job and added that a number of African-Americans are being excluded- which his economic and education policies will stem the losing tide. It is to be noted that Trump has extremely poor rating among black voters. He reiterated his decision to fight crime, mentioning that in some streets of urban America, simply walking down means you will get shot.

Trump and the Chicago police

The Chicago police have strongly denied Donald Trump’s claim that a few officials of the police department has told him that crime can be reduced if the police gets tougher. The Republican nominee said that the police force in Chicago does not have the correct people in charge. He also stated that he met senior police bosses who informed him that if a particular person was given the reins, violence can be stopped within a span of seven days.  Refuting such statements, Anthony Guglielmi, the police spokesperson, said that no senior police officer has even spoken with Trump or with any one of his campaign staff. The spokesperson further added that the only answer to crime is to do community policing. Police officrs must also keep illegal guns and the repeat violent offenders in secure lock ups.  Chicago has suffered a total of about 440 people.

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