Bottos Partners with Microsoft to Explore How Blockchain TechnologyCan Drive the AI Industry

August 6 event in Beijing will explore ways to accelerate the arrival of the AI era

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Bottos announces that it is partnering with Microsoft for an event to explore the impact that blockchain technology can have in driving AI innovation.

The August 6 event, “AI Industry Renovation and Strategy Partner Conference,” will include discussions on big data, DApps, IoT, mixed reality and the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

Bottos is the first AI-dedicated public blockchain, created specifically to be a distributed artificial intelligence platform, and ultimately a new AI ecosystem. The company recently released its first DApp, Datanno, a data marketplace, which solves a huge hurdle that many small and mid-size AI companies face – the high cost of data acquisition. Datanno brings together data providers, data requesters and data service providers (data validators, data taggers and data cleaners) on the blockchain. The goal is to make data more accessible and affordable in order to help drive AI development.

Microsoft has made a huge investment in AI research, with CEO Satya Nadella recently telling investors, “It’s going to be AI at the edge, AI in the cloud, AI as part of SaaS applications, AI as part of in fact even infrastructure.”

Bottos open sourcing allows developers around the world to build any kind of AI-related DApp on the Bottos blockchain, including model marketplaces, data storage sharing networks and computer power sharing networks.

Not only will data be more accessible via Bottos, it will also be more secure. The blockchain provides immutability, as well as traceability through the registration of original or transformed data to ensure quality and proper use. When data is hashed and placed on the blockchain, it is sliced into thousands of pieces, with each of those pieces stored in different places.

The growth of AI is expected to have a huge impact on the global economy. Research from PwC says the global GDP could grow by as much as 14 percent by 2030 – that’s an impact of $15.7 trillion. China could see the biggest gains, with an additional 26 percent in GDP growth in that same time frame.

“AI is poised to transform a number of industries, including healthcare, automotive, financial services, logistics and retail,” said Bottos co-founder Xin Song. “We’re looking forward to partnering with Microsoft to provide ways for businesses to incorporate AI to increase their market share as the technology continues to rapidly develop.”

The August 6 event will be held at 2 p.m. CST at the Microsoft Mansion in Beijing.

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Bottos is building the infrastructure for AI development through blockchain technology in order to create a new decentralized AI ecosystem. The company’s first DApp – Dattano, a global data marketplace – provides a way to connect artificial intelligence companies and data providers. It is also a consensus-based, one-stop platform to implement the registration, distribution and transformation of data among different participants within the broad-based artificial intelligence ecosystem. Bottos is out to build the world’s most efficient data sharing network to enhance AI innovation and competitiveness. Bottos utilizes BTO tokens and smart contracts for its blockchain-based transactions. 

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