BPU Holdings Uses Advanced Technology to Filter Fake News

Fake news – it’s a term that has become all too familiar today. With the
ever-increasing flow of information, trustworthy news has become
increasingly debatable. The journal Science reports false news
stories are 70% more likely to be re-tweeted than true stories, true
stories take about six times longer to reach an audience and fake news
is shared nearly 10 times more than true stories1. BPU
Holdings uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced technology in
their products and services to omit unreliable information to better
diversify the quality of valuable information. ZimGO Polling and Neil’s
News Bot use a distributed and scalable filtering processes to manage
quality control of fake news to give their users an authentic experience.

ZimGO Polling is BPU’s political forecasting tool that uses Twitter
social networks to connect to the empowered citizen in ways not possible
with legacy tools. It is the first campaign tool to accurately assess
emotional citizen sentiment that provides a competitive advantage for
campaign professionals and candidates. It was determined the most
valuable citizen information was found on Twitter. However, statistical
processing was affected by the high volume of shared posts, re-tweets
and spammers. To manage this, our AI interacts with the Twitter API to
process streams of duplicates and unwanted noise. After the initial
filtering, any re-tweets are discarded so the noise is highly reduced. A
second measure is text filtering; distributed and scalable patterns are
strained from the high numbers of duplicate tweets without jeopardizing
the overall latency of stream results. If we notice the same text coming
through, we assume it’s a duplicate. Going further, Similarity
Deduplication is something currently being established to work on
defining concepts to catch small nuances on a bot posting. In this third
layer, we’re looking for small variations; for example, many bots post
the same text except for the link and this third layer of filtering
would trap those. A fourth level is provided by allowing people to tag
posts as spam, which then further trains the AI to look for irrelevant

Neil is BPU’s personal news bot. It is a personal news curator for
artificial Intelligence (AI) that is a virtual assistant bringing
reputable articles and interesting stories from reliable news sources.
Unlike ZimGO Polling, it uses quality control with a white list of about
3,000 sources thoughtfully selected to provide our users with the best
news on topics individuals have selected. Secondly, quality scoring is
applied by manually checking the white list to ensure they are
accurately providing the necessary and requested news the users search.
This applies a second measure of filtering to avoid sources that are too
short, lack text and contain an influx of links.

“When I used news aggregators, I noticed the topics and stories were
random and the quality of news was low. It was overwhelming and I lost
interest. I wanted to fix the problem so we built a technology that was
curated, accurate and provides quality over quantity. It’s highly
focused,” states Oh SangGyoon, CEO of BPU Holdings.

BPU’s CEO built the company on a simple idea – improve the lives of
individuals through Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI). One measure
of knowledge is information – how information is shared, where it’s
coming from, how it’s applied; most importantly, what is shared.
With sentiment analysis, natural language processing and machine
learning, BPU Holdings is dedicated to advancing the human condition
with trustworthy and honest information, as well as news.

About BPU

BPU Holdings is dedicated to generating the first Artificial Emotional
Intelligent (AEI) platform — ZimOS. ZimOS is the foundation of AEI.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) emulates how people think — AEI emulates
how people feel. Individuals and organizations are overloaded with
information. The four trends compounding this overload are: Mobile,
Social, Cloud and Invasive Computing. The ZimOS platform is the
foundation of products and services that enhance how we process data.

BPU advances the human condition by providing rigorous tools to improve
emotional intelligence. Identifying and handling emotions enables
management of interpersonal and professional relationships judiciously
and empathetically. AEI is a synthesis of Natural Language Analysis,
Machine Learning and Emotional Intelligence (EI). We are committed to
building technology with Privacy by Design. Individuals and
organizations have sovereign control and ownership of their ZimOS

Information about BPU is available by contacting

1 BBC: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-43344256

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