Breaking News: Advocating for the Future of Cannabis: MoneyTrac Technology Joins National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)

Global Payout Inc. (OTC: GOHE) announce that, MoneyTrac Technology, Inc. ("MTRAC", the "Company"), of which Global is a significant shareholder (currently 18% ownership) announced today that the Company has joined the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) as a sustaining member, their highest membership level. The NCIA is a membership association dedicated to both connecting organizations and building networks as well as serving as a critical advocate for responsible business practices and corporate accountability within the cannabis industry.

In the 17 years since the NCIA's inception, they have built a large national network of organizations and industry professionals, and in 2017 experienced a 40% increase in membership enrollments placing them at over 1500 members nationwide. Their policy advocacy team has produced four white papers on cannabis legalization and have become a prominent and important voice in Congress for legitimate businesses operating throughout the industry. The membership provides MTRAC with an opportunity to network with other industry professionals, as well as support cannabis policy advocacy at all levels.

Said MTRAC CEO, Vanessa Luna: "NCIA truly represents one of the most important and valuable associations in our industry. Their hard work and advocacy over the past 17 years has played a pivotal role in helping to pave the way for the growth and continued legitimacy of this industry as well as in being a crucial resource to the thousands of businesses, such as MoneyTrac, who are committed to conducting business the right way, in an industry that remains highly scrutinized. As a sustaining member, I look forward to an opportunity to not only expand our network amongst other legitimate businesses, but for us to play an active role in advocating for the rights of all responsible businesses throughout our emerging industry."

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