Breaking News: AES & Partners Begin Phase II of the Mocanaqua Tunnel Project

Mine Pool Treatment and Utilization Development

American Energy Partners, Inc. (OTC: AEPT), a diversified energy company, announces that wholly owned subsidiary American Energy Solutions, LLC ("AES"), in concert with the PADEP (Active and Abandoned Mine Operations Division), the Susquehanna River Basin Commission ("SRBC") and the Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition For Abandoned Mine Reclamation ("EPCAMR"), has begun Phase II of the Mocanaqua Tunnel project.

AES collaborated with EPCAMR and the SRBC to investigate the mine pools drained by the Mocanaqua Tunnel as a source of consumptive use mitigation water. Consumptively used water is water that is withdrawn from the basin but not returned. This project would allow the SRBC to develop sources of water to mitigate the impact that consumptive losses have in the basin. This phase of investigation will be comprised of a drilling program, water quality sampling, water level monitoring and a groundwater dye injection study.

"The Mocanaqua Tunnel Mine Project and the potential for future treatment and controlled reintegration of acid mine drainage water back into the watershed is a prime example of public/private partnerships resulting in innovative and sustainable solutions for water usage," said Mr. John Pippy, President of AES. "This project, while local in nature, has the potential to provide sustainable global solutions for water use during drought and low precipitation periods."

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Developments highlighted that water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the global population; over 1.7 billion people live in river basins where water use exceeds recharge. Read the full article here: UN Water & Sanitation For All.

American Energy's Chairman & CEO, Mr. Brad Domitrovitsch states, "We need to continue thinking outside of the box when it comes to water usage, treatment and reintegration; American Energy is at the nexus of Water, Energy and Economic Development."

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