Breaking News: Ameritek Ventures Secures Access to More Than $1 Million in Funding Towards Executing Its Strategic Business Plan

Ameritek Ventures (OTC: ATVK), today announced that it has secured access to $1,050,000 in funding through a private lender. These funds are available over a 12-month period, in multiple tranches.

Ameritek is also in advanced negotiations towards securing permanent funding that will enable the execution of its strategic plan, including the assembly of a manufacturing, research and technology center in Roanoke, VA. The Company has completed concept design work and anticipates beginning equipment fabrication and assembly in the third quarter of 2018.  Management anticipates launching the production of optical fiber preforms in early 2019.

“We are pleased to have secured access to this funding, as it represents a key step towards completing a permanent financing transaction that will enable Ameritek to advance its manufacturing and commercial objectives,” stated Clinton Stokes III, Ameritek’s Chief Executive Officer.  “As part of our ongoing negotiations, we see an opportunity to establish licensing agreements across multiple global jurisdictions that would provide capital from licensing fees that would fast-track the build-out and expand the manufacturing capacity in our Virginia facility.  This would enable Ameritek to meet robust market demand for high-quality fiber optic preforms to the global telecommunications industry.”  


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