Breaking News: Body and Mind Inc. (“BAM”) Contracts With GPEN

Body and Mind Inc. (OTC: BMMJ) (CSE: BAMM), is pleased to announce the Company has teamed up with GPEN, a company which is at the forefront of engineering the most advanced, user-friendly portable vaporizers in the world. The Company has entered into a one-year, renewable contract with GPEN and will be one of only two companies currently supplying the GPEN Gio cartridges in the State of Nevada. The Company intends to capitalize on the market by incorporating BAM's recognized flavors into the cartridges.

BAM President Robert Hasman commented, "We're delighted to have signed this collaboration with GPEN, a leader in the vaporizer market. This is further affirmation of the brand strength of BAM as a supplier of premium products, as well as our distribution system throughout the State."

Chris Folkerts, Founder and CEO of GPEN commented, "Our success to date has been choosing the right deployment partners in new markets. As a result, the GPEN products will be available in over 500 dispensaries in the US by calendar year end. Our partnership with BAM has been excellent. Not only do they cultivate premium flower under a quality brand but they have an extensive distribution network that will see our products become more available in Nevada. We are happy to report exceptional reviews so far and we look forward to expanding our relationship with BAM further."

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