Breaking News: Body and Mind Inc. clarifies implied value of BAM common shares relating to LOI with Friday Night Inc.

Body and Mind Inc. (OTC: BMMJ) (CSE: BAMM), would like to provide a clarification, due to a number of inquiries from shareholders, of the implied value for the Company as it relates to the Letter of Intent (“LOI”) signed with Friday Night Inc. (“TGIF”).  The Company’s common shares issued and outstanding at the date of signing the LOI was 47,704,269. On December 20, 2017, the date the LOI was executed, the closing share price of Friday Night Inc. was CAD $1.00 per share. The LOI contemplates TGIF issuing 115,000,000 common shares to the BAM shareholders plus such additional shares as may be issuable upon exercise of currently issued convertible securities of the Company. Based on the above, the implied value of the transaction equates to approximately 2.4 TGIF shares or CAD $2.40 per common share of BAM, based on yesterday’s closing prices of both issuers.

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