Breaking News:, Inc. Moves Toward Operating its Own Bitcoin ATM Network in California, With Plans to Expand to Serve Other Chinese Communities Throughout the United States, Inc. (OTCQB: CIIX), the premier financial information website for Chinese-speaking investors, announced today that it has retained the law firm of CKR Law, LLP to assist it with setting up its own Bitcoin ATM network in California, with the first Machines to be placed in Chinese Communities in the Los Angeles area.  Once this network is established in California, the Company plans to expand to serve other Chinese Communities throughout the United States.  

Since first entering into the Bitcoin ATM market through a successful shared Hosting Agreement in 2017, the Company recognizes the opportunity to increase its margins on the Bitcoin ATM business by operating its own Bitcoin ATM network.

“With the regulatory world changing in the cryptocurrency sector, we feel that it is important to retain legal counsel with a proven track record in this industry to assist us in setting up our own Bitcoin ATM network and eventually expanding it to cover other Chinese Communities in the United States,” says CEO Warren Wang. “In addition to continuing to provide investors with news about digital currency,, Inc. looks forward to continuing to make it convenient and easy for Chinese Investors to purchase Bitcoin by providing access to on site customer service representatives available to provide instruction regarding the Bitcoin ATM in both Chinese and English.”  


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