Breaking News: CLS Holdings USA Provides an Update to the First Complete Year of Adult Use Cannabis in Nevada

CLS Holdings USA, Inc. (OTCQB: CLSH) “CLS,” a diversified cannabis company operating as Cannabis Life Sciences and a fully licensed integrated cannabis producer and retailer in Nevada, today is pleased to provide an update to the first complete year of adult use cannabis in Nevada, the first state the Company is operating in.

According to the Nevada Department of Taxation, marijuana flower/bud accounted for roughly 50 percent of all combined medical and adult-use marijuana purchases by consumers in Nevada, followed by concentrates at about 25 percent and infused edibles at 13 percent.  Oasis Cannabis announced that packaged marijuana flower/bud and pre-rolled joints represented 67 percent of the total sales, followed by concentrates at 20 percent and infused edibles at 9 percent.

The co-founder of Oasis Cannabis, Ben Sillitoe commented on the sales mix, “Convenience items like disposable vapor pens and pre-rolled joints are very popular with our tourist customers and together they make up about 25% of total sales at Oasis.”

Oasis Cannabis served over 127,000 customers in its 1st year of adult-use sales. About 13% of those orders and 22% of total sales were to medical patients. The average order from a medical customer was $73 whereas a typical recreational customer spent $41 per order. “A medical patient will typically consume more cannabis than an average retail customer, so we expect to see larger average purchases from that group,” explained Sillitoe.

Home deliveries made up 5 percent of the total orders and 11% of total revenue, reflecting a higher average order of $98 versus $42 from in-store customers. The average delivery order from a medical customer was $114 and the average delivery to a recreational customer totaled about $87. “Medical customers make up about 50% of total delivery sales for a couple reasons,” Sillitoe explained. “We’ve been delivering to medical patients since we opened in 2015 so we’ve had time to build a loyal customer base in that segment. Medical patients are also more likely to be inconvenienced by a trip to the store because of various health reasons.”

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