Breaking News: ELL Technologies and iTEP International Enter Into Partnership to Provide Online Accreditation

ELL Technologies Ltd. (“ELL Technologies”) a subsidiary of Lingo Media Corporation (OTC: LMDCF) (TSX-V: LM), a global provider of digital and print-based English language learning solutions, and iTEP International LLC, a developer of English proficiency tests that are used by colleges and universities, secondary schools, businesses, and governments around the world, are pleased to announce they have entered into a commercial alliance agreement that will provide bundled product and online English language learning testing solutions for the marketplace.

iTEP’s line of English proficiency tests are designed to give individuals the opportunity to measure their language skills as they gain proficiency. The tests are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) scale and provide institutions and individual test-takers with scores in specific language skills to guide their study as well as certificates to prove their current level of ability. iTEP’s language assessment tools are used by more than 750 educational institutions as well as governments around the world such as Colombia and Saudi Arabia.

ELL Technologies will now offer a bundled program including its online English learning course and iTEP assessments. iTEP and ELL Technologies each fill a longstanding need for one another. ELL Technologies is frequently asked for a way to verify the effectiveness of its programs, and iTEP often receives requests for an English training program to help test-takers improve and advance their level of English proficiency.

“Individuals put a great deal of effort into our courses and I am certain they will appreciate the ability to measure their progress and provide documented evidence of their learning by way of a certificate. The ELL-iTEP bundles are now the first online, accredited language learning courses that ELL Technologies has to offer its clients,” said Gali Bar-Ziv, CEO of ELL Technologies. “Partnering with a globally recognized and renowned organization such as iTEP provides further validation of the ability of our program suite and course offerings to efficiently and effectively improve learning outcomes. This partnership is a testament to all of the development work that our team has been putting in over the years.”

“We’re excited to partner with ELL Technologies and to bundle our internet-based English evaluation and testing tools with their innovative eLearning solutions,” said Jemal Idris, President of iTEP International. “ELL provides all the necessary tools and support to help learners to achieve extraordinary results, while enabling them to work at their own pace. As a result, we expect students who complete the ELL-iTEP bundles to develop into skillful, confident and independent communicators in English.”

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