Breaking News: Epazz Files Patent for Blockchain Electric Health-Care Records Portal Technology

Epazz Inc. (OTC: EPAZ)a leading provider of blockchain cryptocurrency mobile apps and cloud-based business software solutions, announced today that the company has filed a provisional patent for its new blockchain electric health-care records portal technology. The new technology under development will allow patients to access their records from physicians, hospitals, clinics, labs and other health-care providers. The company has been providing electric health-care records cloud software for over six years.

The new technology will enable health-care providers to share medical records of patients over secure encryption into a portal page. When a patient consults with a new doctor, the doctor will be able to import the patient's information based on a unique blockchain key the patient will share with the doctor. The patient will then be able to see all of his or her health-care providers on a single portal, allowing for patients to have full access to their complete medical history in one place.

By using blockchain storage technology, the patient will not need to worry about loss of information because the information is stored across various networks. Furthermore, as doctors get older and retire, they do not need to worry about losing their medical records. For doctors and health-care providers, the cost of storing thousands of patient records is costly. The blockchain storage that will be built into our technology will help decrease the cost of storage and managing records. Our technology was meant to work across platforms. Some U.S. states will be mandating the ability to share highly sensitive information between health-care providers.

Epazz CEO Shaun Passley, PhD, stated, "We have been providing electric health-care records for over six years. This will be a new product that we can sell to our existing customers and attract new customers."

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