Breaking News: For The Earth Corporation (OTC: FTEG) Signs Agreement With Naxum Online Systems to Build Clean Life Direct Selling Website

For The Earth Corporation (OTC: FTEG) is pleased to announce that FTEG has signed an agreement with Naxum to build the Clean Life’s Direct Selling website. 

FTEG’s CEO Nelson Grist said, “After a long process we have decided to go with Naxum Online Systems to build the Clean Life Direct selling website. Naxum is by far the leader in the Direct Selling website development and complete site management. Working with Naxum will allow FTEG to make an immediate entry into the Direct Selling space. FTEG has been developing a cleaning line with Advanced Coating Technology (ACT), a Natural Skin Care line and various CBD supplement products.  These innovated product lines should make Clean Life and FTEG a major player in the Direct Selling space.” It is important to notice that the marketing of the products sold on this site is contingent on financing.  The domain will be WWW.TRYCLEANLIFE.COM 

Direct Selling’s Continued Growth 

More than 18 million people were involved in direct selling within the U.S. in 2017, with estimated retail sales reaching $34.9 billion. This outpaced both the growth rate for traditional retail sales and the Gross Domestic Product in the U.S. 

  1. Brett Corbin 7 months ago

    going natural in skin care products nowadays are much lighter on the skin and healthier as our body absorbs what is on the surface. Creating products to what consumers adhere to is key

  2. Eric Stilphen 7 months ago

    CBD is so versatile, since there are so many different applications for it. Although i prefer not to take orally as the taste is a bid weird

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