Breaking News: GDET Announces Completion of Major Upgrade to Primary Bitcoin Mining Facility

GD Entertainment And Technology (OTC: GDET) is excited to announce that the Company has completed a major power upgrade to its primary New Jersey Cryptocurrency mining facility centered on a complete overhaul of the facility’s electric capacity. The net result of the upgrade is a 100% increase in total power capacity from 400 amps to 800 amps at the facility.

GDET CEO, Anil Idnani, commented, “We are ramping up capacity right on schedule, and already benefitting from tremendous market conditions. Bitcoin prices are on the march higher, adding over $40 billion in market cap since we began full-scale mining operations in June. This facility upgrade will add to the tremendous performance we have already seen, and put us in an even better position to capitalize on the positive market dynamic.”

The Company retained Forest Hill Electric, a major electric firm servicing the Tristate Area, to manage the facility upgrade process. The capacity upgrade has already been completed. Remaining steps to bring that new capacity fully online include:

  • Installation of three breaker panels to accommodate power to the remaining machines
  • Installation of critical meter connection components
  • Completion of New Jersey Town Inspection and issuance of “Cut-In Card”
  • Installation of on-site transformers
  • Completion of change-over with PSE&G

Forest Hill Electric CEO Mike Fiore added, “We are happy to announce the on-time completion of the GDET Mining Facility upgrade. I am proud of how our team handled this job. Working conditions provided by GDET management paved the way for some of our best work to date. It is also my pleasure to sign an exclusive Maintenance Contract for the GDET facility. We look forward to working with GDET on future projects.”

GDET shareholders can expect new updates very soon as the Company continues to execute an aggressive phase of operational development and expansion.


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