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Breaking News: GDET Receives Delivery of Cryptocurrency Machines for New Jersey Mining Operation

GD Entertainment And Technology (OTC: GDET) is excited to announce the Company’s delivery of over 100 Cryptocurrency mining machines. These state- of- the- art machines (Bitmain and Avalon) are the most powerful units in the marketplace today. The shipment was comprised of Bitmain S9 T9 A3 Avalon 821 models.

The Company has taken delivery of the units in the New Jersey mining facility and is in the process of setting up custom mining rigs. These machines will establish our initial in-house mining operation. Corporate accounts have been set up and approved for both the mining pool and a Cryptocurrency exchange to convert the “mined revenues” into dollars.

The Company is in the process of achieving the following critical near-term objectives in order to expand its mining operations:

  • Secure permits to upgrade heavy power for data center
  • Locate an additional data center to accommodate future deliveries
  • Work with local electric company to negotiate subsided electricity costs

GD Entertainment and Technology is already in the process of seeking additional heavy power upgrades to its facility and has explored several options to help with the expansion. With the cooperation of PSE&G Electric, the Company will discuss the possibility of maximizing the facility’s capacity while creating an industry standard mining environment.

While the current focus of the Company’s mining operation is Bitcoin, many other machines are available to diversify the portfolio into other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. With the help of the broad market knowledge of its overseas supplier, the Company plans on acquiring the latest in mining technology as well as other products and services.  By adapting to the market conditions, other Cryptocurrencies will be explored and taken into consideration in order to stay current with market trends.

Shareholders can expect new updates very soon as the Company is in the process of working on all these objectives in real time.


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