Breaking News: Glance Announces European Office in London, U.K. | Financial Buzz

Breaking News: Glance Announces European Office in London, U.K.

Glance Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: GLNNF) (CSE: GET) is pleased to announce that it is setting up a new office in London, U.K., to explore opportunities for its technology in the U.K. and across Europe.

A long-standing global capital of finance, commerce, and innovation, London is a natural fit for bringing Glance’s leading-edge mobile payments platforms to the European and global marketplaces. By expanding Glance’s footprint there — the city is already home to Glance Coin CDO Zeeshan Mallick and key advisor Dinis Guarda — Glance will be on the doorstep of not only FinTech and crypto thought leaders, but also some of the world’s most active mobile payments users: as of 2016, 74 per cent of British consumers use mobile payments,1 while 68 percent of Europeans are also used to the technology.2

London was once again ranked the #1 Financial Centre in the world in the latest Global Financial Centres Index in September 2017.3 Additionally, London is a very active centre for cryptocurrencies, one of the most bitcoin-friendly cities in the world, based on the number of outlets accepting bitcoin payments,4 and home to several of the most prominent and most well attended blockchain conferences in the world, such as Blockchain Expo Global.

“Given its central importance to both the FinTech and crypto communities, its proximity to fast-growing mobile payment markets across Europe, and the fact it’s already home to some of our key team members, opening this office is a natural next step in our expansion plans,” says Glance CEO Desmond Griffin. “During the years growing my former venture, PayByPhone, London was one of the biggest, most active centres for our business globally, so I know first-hand the great opportunities this city presents.”

Glance will be looking to expand its existing U.K. and European network through new partnerships, while also exploring the launch of its Glance Merchant, Glance Pay and Glance Coin products into the European markets.

If you are interested in finding out about business opportunities with Glance in the U.K. and across Europe, please email Zeeshan Mallick at


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