Breaking News: Glance Announces New Record Quarter for Merchant Signings and Launches

Glance Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: GLNNF) (CSE: GET) today announced that its second fiscal quarter of 2018 was the Company’s strongest ever for launches and merchant partner signings.

The Company signed 148 new locations and launched 59 new locations in its fiscal Q2 2018, making it Glance’s new best quarter to date for partner acquisitions and launches.

The Company has also been engaged in a period of rapid business development, having since inception secured commitments from a total of nearly 500 merchant locations across Canada and the U.S. to adopt the Glance Pay App as their mobile payments solution of choice. A cornerstone of the Company’s many restaurant partnerships are several signed restaurant chains, which boast lucrative businesses and an expanding footprint of franchised locations, including MR MIKES SteakhouseCasual, Ricky’s Group of Restaurants, Freshslice Pizza and the Steamworks Group of Companies.

During its first year of operations, Glance focused on developing and enriching the user experience of the Glance Pay App. Glance is now devoting significant resources to enhancing the Glance PayMe App — a downloadable merchant app requiring no extra hardware. These latest innovations are aimed at repeatedly bringing customers back to Glance-partnered establishments and, by demonstrating the power of the app to draw in new business, accelerating the growth of Glance’s merchant network. Glance also plans to expand this technology into the online shopping and e-commerce space by using our anti-fraud technology to help the many online merchants suffering high rates of fraud.

To date, merchant onboarding  has been driven primarily by direct sales. Now, however, Glance is building the Glance PayMe App to allow any business or freelancer to download the app to their own mobile devices and set-up their account themselves without a visit from Glance staff. As well as helping merchants of all kinds get up and running very quickly to accept payments and leverage built-in smart rewards for customer retention, the Glance PayMe App is expected to greatly reduce the cost of deployment and of customer acquisition. Glance’s successful anti-fraud technology means our technology doesn’t need to rely on custom hardware for swiping cards or using chip and PIN machines. As well, the Company expects this new product will change our sales dynamics, allowing Glance to take advantage of online marketing while paving the way for viral adoption of the Glance PayMe App.

Glance has also recently announced that it is developing a rewards-based cryptocurrency built on blockchain technology, called Glance Coin. The Whitepaper outlining the company’s plans for Glance Coin can be found online at This coming development will empower Glance-partnered merchants to reward, incentivize and provide deals to their customers with a rewards crypto-token through Glance’s platform. Glance intends for the platform to enhance customer loyalty through the rewards token, which Glance users will be able to either spend promptly or accumulate for larger rewards within the broader Glance marketplace. This, combined with the merchant-empowering Glance PayMe App, is expected to become a powerful addition to Glance’s mobile payments ecosystem.

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