Breaking News: Glance Incorporates Glance Blockchain Token Inc.

Glance Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: GLNNF) (CSE: GET) has incorporated Glance Blockchain Token Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary with founding directors Penny Green and Desmond Griffin and key advisors Dinis Guarda & Alexander Perkins.

Glance Blockchain Token Inc. will be responsible for developing and managing the Glance token, which will be a cryptocurrency with a series of smart contracts to allow merchants to grant the Glance token as a reward for consumer loyalty and engagement.  Glance Blockchain Token plans to complete the white paper for its Cryptocurrency within the next 30 days.

“The Glance token will be a rewards token that will incentivize both the business and consumer users of Glance,” says Glance CEO Desmond Griffin, “We are thrilled at the possibility of introducing an entirely new group of users to cryptocurrency through our platform.”

Dinis Guarda is a serial entrepreneur, author, influencer and evangelist who was previously ranked by as the #4 worldwide influencer in blockchain and crypto, the 5th most influential in blockchain by Right Relevance and #5 on the Richtopia Rise Top 100 Blockchain Insiders. With over 20 years of global business experience, Mr. Guarda has worked with 360 digital strategies, sustainable innovation, Blockchain, Fintech, AI and emerging business models such as initial coin offerings (ICOs). He is also the founder and CEO of LifeSci, a P2P, blockchain, search engine and PAAS and formerly created companies such as Ztudium (acquired by Glance), Blockimpact, Covesting, and more.

Desmond Griffin, co-founder and CEO of Glance Technologies, in addition to being the inspiration and architect behind the Glance Pay proprietary mobile payment system, saw previous success as co-founder of CEO of PayByPhone and built it from concept to a platform processing payments for 10 million plus users in over 100 cities around the world and saw it through to a successful exit.  PayByPhone is now currently owned by Volkswagen.

Penny Green, co-founder, President and COO of Glance Technologies, is a serial entrepreneur with 2 decades of experience building successful companies.  Penny has been recognized in PROFIT Magazine’s W100 list of top entrepreneurs. She has been involved in over 100 going public transactions as a securities lawyer, and under her leadership as CEO, her company Bacchus Law Corporation was included in the PROFIT 500 fastest growing companies 2 years in a row.  Penny was a co-founder of Merus Labs Inc. (TSX:MSL, NASDAQ:MSLI-Q) which had revenues of $111 million in Fiscal 2016 and was acquired by Norgine B.V. in July 2017 for approximately $342 million.  

“I’m looking forward to the innovative corporate finance and large scale technology deployment that Penny and Desmond bring to the table,” says Dinis Guarda, “Glance Technologies has deep experience in corporate finance, investor relations, securities law and has a strong technology platform and team.”

Alexander Perkins is a blockchain advisor and Fintech consultant with expertise in initial coin offerings. Mr. Perkins is presently a Fintech consultant at Uptick Growth.  Mr. Perkins has worked in a strategy capacity on ICO deals within payments, financial services, energy, decentralized search, eSports/gaming, and SaaS for life sciences. Previously, Mr. Perkins was an Associate at Deep Knowledge Ventures, a London-based venture capital firm.

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