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Breaking News: Glance Technologies Publishes Whitepaper on Its Planned Blockchain-Based Rewards Token

Glance Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: GLNNF) (CSE: GET) today announced the publication of its Glance Coin Whitepaper (the “Whitepaper”) which outlines its plans for a blockchain-based rewards platform utilizing smart contracts intended to enable merchants to reward, incentivise, and provide deals to their customers using a cryptocurrency token. These reward tokens are intended to allow users to accumulate rewards to spend when the user chooses within a larger decentralized platform.

“The Whitepaper is an essential step forward in our development of a blockchain platform for rewards and payments,” said Desmond Griffin, Glance’s Chief Executive Officer. “We hope that by rewarding Glance users with our token, we will enable everyday individuals to easily get involved in cryptocurrency and hopefully encourage widespread adoption.”

For more information on Glance’s plan for a new fiat/crypto currency payment and decentralized loyalty platform please read our full Whitepaper at:

Fully integrated and decentralized loyalty marketplace

In the Whitepaper, Glance describes its plan to develop a decentralized loyalty platform (the “Platform”) that will be fully integrated with both the Glance Pay mobile payments platform and Glance’s own crypto-token, GC.

The Platform will enable users of Glance’s mobile payment solutions to easily, seamlessly and safely make and accept payments in fiat- and non-security crypto-tokens, engage with merchants on the network, and enjoy valuable rewards through programs tailored for the mutual benefit of merchants and consumers.

For users of the Glance Pay mobile payments app, the Platform will provide frictionless payments and valuable rewards. Glance Pay users will be equipped with a set of digital wallets to manage their transactions. One wallet would be for use within the decentralized loyalty platform, while the other would be for use externally, empowering the user to hold, buy or sell cryptocurrencies while also offering fee-based token storage services.

Glance believes blockchain and cryptocurrencies are fundamentally transformative technologies and represent significant opportunities for the early pioneers in this space. According to, over $3.7 billion USD was invested in cryptocurrency initial coin offerings in 2017. Glance believes the large influx of investment in these technologies should accelerate the advance of fundamental blockchain platform technology, applications and widespread adoption of the technology in the next few years.

This announcement and the Whitepaper do not constitute an offer to sell securities, nor do they constitute a solicitation of offers to buy any securities by any person in any jurisdiction. Glance may amend, supplement or issue subsequent versions of the Whitepaper as development of Glance Coin progresses.

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