Breaking News: GTEC Signs LOI With TheraProducts to Pursue Cannabis Edibles & Beverages Market

GTEC Holdings Ltd. (OTC: GGTTF) (TSX-V: GTEC), is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a letter of intent to create a joint venture with TheraProducts Canada (“TheraProducts”), to develop and commercialize cannabis-based products leveraging OLEO™ microencapsulation technology.  

To date the ability to safely and consistently dose cannabinoids has been an issue for edible products. Moreover, odour, taste and solubility issues exacerbate the challenges associated with successfully marketing these products.  OLEO’s microencapsulation technology addresses all of these concerns. The patent pending technology of OLEO™ enrobes cannabis oil distillates and isolates and converts them to hot and cold water soluble, odor-free, taste-free powder that can be added to a wide variety of food and beverage products.   Accordingly, OLEO technology is ideally suited for the future edibles and beverages market in Canada, and other countries with legalized access to cannabis.

Under the terms of proposed joint venture, GTEC will be responsible for the supply and conversion of cannabis oils to OLEO-based products, in its licensed facilities.  TheraProducts will supply the equipment and IP required to produce the OLEO products.  The parties have also agreed to a formula for splitting the gross margin provided by the JV.

Under the terms of the Letter of Intent, both parties will work towards finalizing a Definitive Agreement on or before September 1st, 2018.  Financial terms of the arrangement have not been disclosed.

“In GreenTec we have found a licensed producer with a vision that is in parallel with ours given their focus on the pharmacological benefits of cannabis and desire to create new cannabis delivery systems and applications that offer alternatives to smoking and the off taste of edibles and sublinguals in the market today” says Peter Hobbes, CEO of TheraProducts.

“The OLEO™ technology provides GreenTec with a fast to market solution to expand our offerings into new channels, new verticals and other countries, by leveraging our cultivation capabilities.   More importantly, it allows us to expand our product portfolio into higher margin finished goods, when permitted by law” says David Lynn, COO of GreenTec.


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