Breaking News: Hilltop Cybersecurity, Inc. signed an exclusive Joint Venture agreement with WARP, LLC for digital asset protection

Hilltop Cybersecurity, Inc. (OTCQB: CYBXF) (CSE: CYBX) entered into a 5-year exclusive contract with WARP LLC the company which has produced such movies as Man on Fire, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Enemy of the State, among many others. The agreement allows Warp LLC to use Hilltop’s patent-pending CryptoKEEP technology to secure movie, television and even production related IP assets such as dailies, edits, key art, animatics, storyboards, pre-visualization, and behind-the-scenes, marketing content. CYBX products are focused on providing Cyber-Security and Crypto-Security for its business customers and in this case, they are being used to protect entertainment assets just as they can be used to protect crypto-currency.

Corby Marshall said, “As a cyber security company we are focused on protecting our clients and there intellectual property. This deal represents an application of our technology to protect valuable IP assets which would otherwise become easy to pirate and easy to re-distribute.  Our technology uses the blockchain to have precise knowledge regarding digital IP assets (such as movie and television IP) and gives the customer immutable proof that they own the asset in question.”

Lucas Foster said, “Protecting our work and providing a great consumer experience are both critical today, and in the decades to come, for content producers. Some people share and re-distribute our valuable IP as if it has no value, or their content is land-locked into an old platform that ages out, providing an unsatisfying consumer experience. Hilltop’s IP protection technology will help us ensure that consumers always have access to the content they have purchased, regardless of the viewing platform or delivery methodologies that continue to evolve in the future.”

Additional Information

Further details about the proposed transaction will be provided in a comprehensive news release, if and when the parties enter into a definitive agreement.

  1. Tylor Rodriguez 6 months ago

    Are you aware of your legal obligations if you experience a #data breach… it’s important to know that it varies by state.

  2. Matt Kurleto 6 months ago

    #Cybersecurity Awareness Month is about educating the public on safe, smart online practices. Americans spend about 24 hours a week online. Many Personal and work tasks are spent online yet safety is sometimes the last thing people consider! Do’h! #ChatSTC #CyberAware

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