Breaking News: Micron Holds Naming Contest for Cannabis Waste Digester

Micron Waste Technologies Inc. (OTC: MICWF) (CSE: MWM), a leading developer of aerobic digester solutions for the treatment of organic waste, today announced that to coincide with installation of the world’s first digester specifically engineered for the cannabis industry, the Company is crowd-sourcing a new name for its Cannabis Waste Digester. The winner of the contest will receive a cash prize of $2000 USD and an all-expenses paid trip for two to christen the Digester at Aurora Cannabis’s (“Aurora”) (TSX:ACB) Mountain facility, the world’s first purpose-built cannabis cultivation and production facility, located outside Calgary, Alberta.

Aurora Mountain, a 55,200 square foot facility with a production capacity of 4,800 kg of premium cannabis per year, will take receipt of Micron’s Cannabis Waste Digester later this month. The unit will be shipped from Micron’s new Delta, British Columbia research and manufacturing plant to its new home in Mountain View County, Alberta, where it will undergo final optimization.

“Installation of our digester at Aurora Mountain is a key development for us, and we believe this needs to be celebrated appropriately,” said Micron President Alfred Wong. “The digester needs an appealing name, and what better way to arrive at this than to engage our stakeholders to help us do so. Our company’s strength lies in developing leading-edge biotechnology and engineering waste processing solutions. We’re asking the public to help find a name that speaks to our leading R&D efforts, as well as Micron’s commitment to protect our clean water resources.”

The contest will run from Tuesday, June 26, 2018, at 04:00 AM Pacific Time (PT) to Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 23:59 PM PT. The winning entry will be announced on August 15, 2018 on Micron’s website To enter the contest, and for a full explanation of the rules, please visit

The Micron Cannabis Waste Digester was engineered based on proven technology used by the Company in its food waste processing digester. The proprietary Cannabis Waste Digester was developed and optimized in collaboration with Aurora, which had identified the need for a clean, economically viable and green technology solution to help process organic waste generated at its facilities. Subject to the technology meeting certain milestones, per a collaboration agreement announced in December 2017, Aurora intends to roll out the technology to its other facilities. Subsequent units will be made available to Canadian, American and international cannabis cultivators.

The Micron Cannabis Waste Digester treats waste on-site at growing facilities without the need for hauling, landfilling or incineration. Cannabis waste is pulverized and rendered through mechanical and biological processes. Active cannabinoid residues are denatured through use of patent-pending microbial and enzymatic digestion agents. Importantly, the Micron system reclaims water from cannabis waste and purifies it for re-use in growing operations. Alternatively, the water, which meets municipal sewage effluent standards, can be safely discharged.  


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