Breaking News: MoneyTrac Technology, Inc. Establishes Joint Venture Partnership with Crypto Value Management System, LLC

Global Payout, Inc. (OTC: GOHE) is pleased to announce that its majority owned subsidiary, MoneyTrac Technology, Inc. ("MTRAC", the "Company"), has secured a Joint Venture Compliance, Crypto-Commodity, iCloud, and Strategic Partnership Agreement with Crypto Value Management System, LLC, a Delaware company that has secured the exclusive California License for a Crypto-Currency Exchange platform ("CVMS"). This platform will effectively bolster each of the companies and their ability to provide financial technology solutions to businesses operating across a number of rapidly expanding alternative market sectors, including the multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry.

CVMS acquired an exclusive license for the state of California for a cryptocurrency utility token exchange defined as an "In-State Crypto-Commodity Exchange – ICCE," a member only blockchain commodity that can be utilized to service businesses in need of banking solutions. CVMS, in conjunction with their compliance partner Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS), have developed a secure, compliant blockchain to service the CRB (Cannabis Related Business) space. The CVMS exclusive new blockchain technology is the most advanced crypto-commodity exchange platform available. It will also serve as the backbone of the token exchange platform that MTRAC plans to co-develop for its MTRAC-Token with CVMS and other key financial technology and compliance partners.

Said MTRAC CEO, Vanessa Luna: "Securing this JV Partnership Agreement with CVMS marks a huge milestone for MoneyTrac and our continued pursuit of banking the 'un-bankable' within the cannabis industry. The exclusive licenses CVMS has worked diligently to acquire in the State of California are critical pieces to the foundation we are developing for a token exchange platform that will become one of the most valuable resources to businesses in an industry where millions of dollars are exchanged in commerce every day."

Said CVMS CEO, Christopher Johnson: "This JV Partnership Agreement with the MoneyTrac Technology team is very much about creating an opportunity to leverage the licensing rights we have acquired in the evolving cryptocurrency market sector and which we believe are incredibly valuable for the development of an effective exchange platform for businesses in the cannabis industry. MoneyTrac has done a fantastic job of cultivating a number of very strategic partnerships and creating a very solid network of individuals and entities in both financial technology and cannabis that are poised to be game changers in delivering the precise solutions that are sorely needed in the alternative banking market sector."

In addition to the co-development of a crypto-commodity exchange platform, MTRAC will also provide CVMS with vital Fintech, sales, marketing, networking, brand development support and guidance through this JV Partnership Agreement to ensure CVMS is effectively positioned for launch and expansion throughout the state of California.

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