Breaking News: MoneyTrac Technology Solidifies Compliance Services to Cannabis with Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS)

Global Payout Inc. (OTC: GOHE) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary MoneyTrac Technology, Inc. ("MTRAC", the "Company") announced today that its partner, Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS) has committed to serving as the compliance arm of MTRAC, a full-service payment solution powered by GreenBox's state-of-the-art closed loop blockchain technology. ICS has effectively established themselves in the Cannabis industry as a leader in Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures as well as with legal compliance solutions for this rapidly growing industry, and ICS is excited to add value to the partnership by being tasked with oversight of all compliance-related aspects and due diligence required by MoneyTrac as they bring MTRAC to market.

In January of this year, MTRAC executed a Joint Venture Partnership Agreement with ICS to provide them with business development, sales, and marketing support as part of ICS's go-to-market strategy within the cannabis industry. As a leading provider of compliance in this space the Company believes they are the ideal choice to provide MTRAC with the necessary compliance to thrive in this multibillion dollar industry. ICS already serves a number of banks in the cannabis industry and most recently established a service agreement with TheraCann and TKS Ventures, which effectively demonstrates the ongoing emergence of ICS as a leading provider of critical compliance-related services and solutions to businesses operating within cannabis related industries. Additionally, this adds value to MTRAC's partnership with ICS, with whom MTRAC has an equity stake.

"ICS has done an excellent job of making a name for themselves in terms of offering highly effective and much needed compliance for the Cannabis industry," said MTRAC CEO Vanessa Luna. "We believe they have the necessary technology, experience and connections to provide the best compliance our network of clients can benefit from."

Said ICS CEO, Christopher Johnson: "In this highly regulated industry, we at Integrated Compliance Solutions are constantly on the lookout for key partnerships in the S2S space. MTRAC's unique solutions and services offering is truly a game changer in the market today. We believe the stronghold of these relationships including TheraCann and TKS Venture's with disruptive new technologies further solidifies our ability to be the leading compliance service provider for the industry."

MTRAC intends for much of its focus over the coming weeks to surround incorporating the multiple strategic partnerships it has cultivated within the financial, banking, and compliance service sectors into the ongoing co-development of a cashless solution that meets the demands and needs of the emerging retail cannabis industry. We believe our solution, MTRAC will be "The Key to Cashless"

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