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Breaking News: Netcoins Lists Pareto as First Ethereum ERC20 Compliant Token

GAR Limited. d/b/a/ Netcoins (CSE: NETC) is pleased to announce that it has listed Pareto, available for immediate purchase, via our OTC Private Brokerage Services Business. Pareto is our first in a series of ERC20 tokens to be listed by Netcoins. Pareto will also be available via our 19,200+ retail locations in Australia, Europe and Canada on June 25, 2018. To purchase Pareto now, please contact Netcoins at (844)-515-COIN or 

The Pareto token is used to access a peer-to-peer financial data marketplace called the Pareto Network where experts share quality financial information and are paid for doing so. A unique incentive model underpins the network in order to provide useful, new financial information and it has proven to be a helping hand for cryptocurrency investors and traditional investors alike. Pareto owners are scored based on the amount of Pareto they own and – more importantly – their level of activity in the network. The score determines the quality of the information the Pareto owner has access to. A cultivated Pareto score gives access to a growing suite of exclusive financial products designed to amplify the investor’s edge.

Learn more about Pareto here:

“We are very excited to begin trading on the Netcoins platform,” said Eric Lamison-White, Pareto Network CEO. “Via their global retail network and OTC platform, Netcoins makes it easy to purchase Pareto in a streamlined way with familiar currencies such as USD, CAD, EUR and AUD. With Pareto being the fuel to access the Pareto Network, this is exactly the kind of accessibility we want for our consumers. It is equally as exciting to announce that through their press releases, social channels and email marketing programs, that the Pareto story will be reaching over 50,000 crypto investors thanks to Netcoins. We are thrilled to be their first listed ERC20 token.”

“Pareto is an exciting project put together by experienced leadership, and we welcome them to the Netcoins platform. As our first ERC20 listing, our customers can get a head start on building their PARETO score with simple easy purchases of Pareto via Netcoins,” said Netcoins CEO Mark Binns. “We also look forward to welcoming more ERC20 tokens to Netcoins soon, giving both them and Netcoins amplified exposure to crypto investors and projects alike.”

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