Breaking News: Netcoins Surpasses $20 Million in Cumulative Transactions


GAR Ltd., (CSE: NETC) doing business as Netcoins, has now completed over $20-million in Bitcoin and Altcoin (Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin) transactions for its valued customers. Netcoins' top-line revenue is measured as the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency through our service, either via software or directly via private brokerage.

From a modest start of approximately $33,000 in total sales transactions in January, 2017, Netcoins has substantially scaled its business by adding retail locations, private brokerage customers, and the ability to buy and sell Altcoins directly. Netcoins' continued expansion has culminated in over $20-million in transactions to date.

"In the blockchain and cryptocurrency market, Netcoins has taken a leadership position as a revenue-generating company. We have three years of history in product development and product market fit evaluation. With the addition of our sales and marketing team in Q1 2018, combined with a hardened in-market product and regular feature enhancements, we are in an ideal position to continue growing our top-line revenues aggressively this year," said Netcoins chief executive officer Mark Binns. "Hitting the $20-million mark is a great accomplishment, and also just the beginning. We are actively working on opening new geographical markets, and establishing partnerships for large distribution channels much like VoPay has given us in Canada."

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