Breaking News: Newleaf Brands Announces Newest Newleaf Brands Advisor Appointee, Dr. Aubrey Oliver, set to Spearhead Jamaican-based Psilocybin Healing Retreat Efforts | Financial Buzz

Breaking News: Newleaf Brands Announces Newest Newleaf Brands Advisor Appointee, Dr. Aubrey Oliver, set to Spearhead Jamaican-based Psilocybin Healing Retreat Efforts

NewLeaf Brands Inc. (OTC: NLBIF) (CSE: NLB) is pleased to announce that it has officially appointed Dr. Aubrey Oliver ND, RBT to be its newest advisor. Dr. Oliver is a Jamaican registered Functional Holistic doctor and a graduate of Ashford University in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

In recent years, Dr. Oliver was the Coordinating Physician with Caribbean Clinical Research Associates on the first clinical research of its kind which dealt with CBD oil, nano liposome, and alcohol-based forms to find out the absorbency efficacy on healthy cells. Additionally, Dr. Oliver is a certified bioenergetics therapist for cell regeneration and rejuvenation while activating the patient’s own stem cells. He is a healing arts specialist with an interest in cannabis and phytonutrients and focuses on a holistic approach towards adrenal exhaustion and aging issues, oncology, infectious diseases and biotoxin illnesses, as well as blood sugar and blood pressure issues.

Damon Michaels, Co-founder of Mydecine and COO of NewLeaf ,remarked, “We believe working with Dr. Oliver is going to help us expand the cutting edge of Mydecine in many ways. With Dr. Oliver’s extensive knowledge for treating people with homeopathic medicine, developing research groups, and understanding unique route administration, we will be able to take the fungi formulations in development to a whole new level.”

Dr. Oliver is a strong, well-known member of the Jamaican community and will be working with Mydecine to find ways for the Company to expand its efforts into the Caribbean nation. 

Dr. Oliver remarked, “I’m grateful and humbled to be announced as an advisor with Newleaf Brands. Over the years, I have been looking for the right vehicle to be able to make a powerful healing impact on my beloved island nation of Jamaica. When I understood the path that Newleaf Brands was going down to advance medicine in order to help many, it was a no brainer for me to join this innovative group. I am happy to now be a key asset to contribute to developing things like a treatment facility and setting up a program for patients and clinicians in our beautiful paradise.”

About NewLeaf Brands

NewLeaf Brands Inc. is the parent company operating innovative product divisions in the Naturally Sourced Therapies (NST) space. While controlling a variety of Psilocybin and hemp-derived CBD brands that design, manufacture and distribute cutting-edge products, NewLeaf Brands Inc. further enhances its portfolio with numerous cultivation properties, retail locations, and other land assets.

NewLeaf Brands Inc. is the progressive and innovative Naturally Sourced Therapies (NST) lifestyle group known around the globe. Focusing on the rapidly emerging psilocybin and psychedelic medicines market, the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary 1220611 B.C. Ltd. (operating as Mydecine Group) (“Mydecine”) is a vertically integrated company engaged to utilize the vast medicinal, health and wellness capabilities of the various compounds found in mycology as a whole. Established to parallel the early emergence of the industry, Mydecine aims to be a pioneer in the cultivation, processing, product development, and research and development of mycology’s exciting compounds through its three divisions, “Mydecine Farms,” “Mydecine Wellness” and “Mydecine Labs.” Furthermore, the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries in the hemp-derived CBD space, We are Kured LLC, Drink Fresh Water LLC, Relyfe Brand LLC, Fresh Water CBD LLC and TeaLief Brand LLC have quickly developed into market leaders and maintain extensive retail and cultivation land investments in the United States.

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