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Breaking News: Pioneer in Canadian Cannabis Industry Joins BLOCKStrain Advisory Board

BLOCKSTRAIN TECHNOLOGY CORP. (TSX-V: DNAX) is pleased to announce that cannabis pioneer Derek Pedro has agreed to join the Company’s Advisory Board.

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Mr. Pedro was a co-founder and Master Grower at Maricann Group Inc., an early Licensed Producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), and is currently the Design, Cultivation and Production Partner at WeedMD Inc., where he designed and supervised construction of that company’s production facility in Ontario.

Mr. Pedro’s experience in the legal Canadian cannabis industry extends back to 2003 when he first cultivated cannabis for medical patients under the older Medical Marijuana Access Regulations, which he turned into a co-operative business with 14 locations, designed to provide low-cost medical cannabis to patients with lower incomes. Mr. Pedro later built the first ‘hybridized’ cannabis greenhouse in Canada, allowing growers to produce high quality cannabis in a modified greenhouse setting.

As Canada shifted to the new, government controlled model of cannabis production under the ACMPR, Mr. Pedro again played a pivotal role by bringing 54 live strains and 25,550 seeds into the legal cannabis system. Today, many of those strains form a major part of Canada’s genetic seed bank for cannabis. Mr. Pedro is also heavily involved in research and development as one of Canada’s premier breeders of new cannabis strains, including Pedro’s Wine Gums, the most popular strain currently sold by WeedMD.

Robert Galarza, CEO of BLOCKStrain, says having Pedro’s deep expertise on the Advisory Board is critical as the company develops its software for use in the evolving legal cannabis industry in Canada.

“There are very few people in the world who have the breadth and depth of knowledge of our industry as Derek Pedro,” stated Galarza. “He is both a pioneer and a legend in this industry, and his knowledge of strain genetics and production systems is incredibly beneficial to us as BLOCKStrain builds and adapts its platform for Licensed Producers and other industry stakeholders in Canada.”

Pedro says he is keen to join the Advisory Board, as he feels BLOCKStrain’s proprietary software answers a core issue that has plagued his own business since the beginning of the legal cannabis industry under the MMAR.

“A while ago I was asked by a colleague, ‘how can you protect your intellectual property of the strains you develop in this industry’, and my answer was, ‘right now, you can’t,” Pedro says. “But I had long thought it was very important that we develop such a system, so when the team at BLOCKStrain explained what they were doing, and how they were doing it, I was very excited.”

Pedro says the key elements he wants to see developed are the ability to protect a grower’s intellectual property and the ability for governments to accurately ‘track and trace’ shipments of cannabis.

“BLOCKStrain’s system addresses both those issues with a very elegant solution, and I have no doubt that this company and its software will play a major role in the growth of the legal cannabis industry, not just in Canada, but around the world,” Pedro said.

Mr. Pedro has been granted 500,000 stock options for his role on the BLOCKStrain Advisory Board.

“Robert Galarza”

Robert Galarza
Chief Executive Officer and Director


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