Breaking News: Pivot Continues To Build Technology Portfolio

Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCQB: PVOTF) (CSE: PVOT), and its wholly-owned medical cannabis products division, Pivot Green Stream Health Solutions Inc. (“PGS” or “Pivot Green Stream”), are pleased to provide its shareholders with a Corporate Update.

Since Pivot’s entry into the cannabis industry, we have accumulated the following four patented or proprietary technologies to deliver cannabinoids into the human body that avoid exposure to carcinogens from smoking:

  1. BiPhasix Transdermal Delivery System (semi-solid topical cream);
  2. Thrudermic Nanoparticulate Transdermal Delivery System (gel or patch);
  3. SolMic Micelle Water Soluble Oral Delivery System (oral dropper bottle); and
  4. RTIC Cannabis Oil-To-Powder System (powder for infusion into food and beverages).

Each of Pivot’s technologies will allow the Company to develop and monetize dozens of products in various strengths and concentrations (with or without THC) addressing many unmet medical needs and favouring a healthy lifestyle. The pipeline that Pivot is developing will enable it to deliver meaningful doses (e.g. better bioavailability) of cannabinoids, unlike current products marketed today.

Pivot’s products will have a shelf-life that will enable them to remain fresh and stable and have clinical data to support efficacy and safety claims in order to be used to manage a particular health condition.  As well, each of our technologies allow for the smell and taste of cannabinoids to be greatly improved.  Lastly, our products will be manufactured in a world class facility of pharmaceutical grade using only the purest of cannabis extracts.

Pivot will develop its products in markets where cannabinoids can be sourced and formulated without restriction.  The Company recently announced that it will develop its cutting-edge cannabis products in Israel and in Germany, working with world class scientists to bring our impressive pipeline of products to market in 2018.

Dr. Patrick Frankham, Pivot’s CEO, states that “we are proud of the progress that the Company has made during the past few months. As the market prepares for legalization, it is Pivot’s belief that only products that are doseable and have high bio-availability will differentiate themselves from those delivered using simple tropical or vegetable based oils.  Our intellectual property portfolio easily distinguishes us from our competitors.”

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