Breaking News: Powerbridge Technologies Launches Blockchain Cross Border Compliance Platform at Nanning Customs

Agency Manages and Regulates 26 Cross Border Ports and Marketplaces Along China’s Southwestern Border

Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) (NASDAQ: PBTS), a global trade software applications and technology services provider, today announced the launch of Powerbridge Blockchain Cross Border Compliance Platform at Nanning Customs, as part of the National Customs Cross Border Technology Innovation Initiatives. Nanning Customs manages and regulates 26 cross border ports and marketplaces along China’s southwestern border spanning 497 miles with neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

Powerbridge Blockchain Cross Border Compliance Platform is provided as blockchain-as-a-service to Nanning Customs starting with designated and limited use cases. The blockchain technology-enabled compliance applications and services are designed to allow the customs agency to significantly increase the effectiveness of risk assessments and interventions in monitoring and controlling the flow of goods, documents, and vendors for cross border trade events and transactions, with an enhanced level of regulatory information transparency and synchronization among customs agencies and other government authorities.

Ban Lor, CEO of Powerbridge Technologies, said: “After nearly two years of focused investments in developing our blockchain solutions, we are very pleased to launch our Blockchain Cross Border Compliance Platform, initially at Nanning Customs.  While relatively early stage, feedback has been positive and encouraging.  We look forward to steady advancements of our blockchain technologies and services as we drive continued growth in our business.”

About Powerbridge

Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. is a provider of software applications and technology solutions and services to corporate and government customers primarily located in China. Founded in 1997, Powerbridge pioneered global trade software applications with a vision to make global trade operations easier for customers. Since inception, Powerbridge has continued to innovate and deliver solutions and services to address the changing needs of thousands of customers. Powerbridge’s mission is to make global trade easier by empowering all players in the ecosystem. 

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  1. Edward Sin 4 months ago

    this will same law enforcement and consumers much time in the risk assessment process.

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