Breaking News: Preliminary Metallurgical Tests Result in over 80% Vanadium Extraction from Cornerstone Metals Inc.’s Carlin Vanadium Project

Cornerstone Metals Inc. (OTCQB: CCCCF) (TSX-V: CCC)  is pleased to announce preliminary results of metallurgical test work being conducted on its Carlin Vanadium Project in Nevada. The initial pressure leaching tests have achieved vanadium extraction levels of between 80.2% and 83.6%.

‘The Company is thrilled with these preliminary results, which signal a major technical breakthrough for this project’, said Cornerstone President and Chief Executive Officer Paul Cowley, ‘guided by expertise of Cornerstone’s metallurgists and Sherritt Technologies, an industry recognized engineering and research group with their in-house lab. Regardless of these positive results, we are continuing test work to improve upon the overall vanadium extraction from the current 80.2% to 83.6% to higher values.’

Test work is being conducted on a sample composite generated from an 18.9 metre drill core intercept from the Company’s recent diamond drilling verification program. Metallurgical test work will continue with the aim of developing a conceptual flowsheet.

Metallurgical test work is being conducted by Sherritt Technologies in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, the leader in the development and commercialization of pressure hydrometallurgical processes. Sherritt is a one-stop shop that has a proven track record of developing projects from concept-to-operation with a skilled and experienced team, including process and equipment specialists.

The Carlin Vanadium deposit is considered one of the largest, highest grade primary vanadium deposits in North America (USGS Professional Paper 1802 Critical Mineral Resources of the United States-Economic and Environmental Geology and Prospects for Future Supply dated December 18, 2017).

Vanadium‘s Growing Importancefor Steel Manufacturing and the Energy Sector

Vanadium is growing in importance for key industrial manufacturing sectors most notably steel and renewable energy. Today, more than 85 percent of the world’s vanadium is used in steel manufacturing applications. Its importance to the energy sector is also growing rapidly with more than 10 percent of vanadium production used in energy storage where its substantial cost and performance benefits make it an alternative choice to lithium ion in several areas. Vanadium pentoxide flake prices have risen over the last 2.5 years from under US$3/lb to US$13.90/lb today.


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