Breaking News: Sharing Services, Inc. Reports February Gross Sales Exceeded the Entire Past Quarter

Sharing Services, Inc. (OTC: SHRV) today reports that gross sales for the one month of February exceeded total sales for the past quarter.  February sales are to be reported at just over $1.1 million, representing another new milestone and diligence in executing the company's corporate growth strategy.

"We are very excited that after just our third month since launching our incredible health and wellness division we have achieved sales of just over $1.1 million dollars," stated CEO John "JT" Thatch. "Our team members have executed our go-to market strategy flawlessly, and our customers have accepted these products with enthusiasm into the marketplace."

He added, "In the future, we will continue to exceed our goals by not just putting record-breaking revenues on the books but bringing satisfaction to our customers by providing them with all the best products and training available."

Sharing Services continues to gain traction in the direct selling industry, in which the company owns, operates or controls an interest in companies that offer services ranging from manufacturing, processing, training and travel benefits.

In recent months, the company has taken several steps to support its pursuit of international expansion, including establishing a new corporate headquarters to accommodate growth as well as entering into a joint-venture agreement to market its Elepreneur Brand and products in Asia. Moving forward, the company anticipates continued momentum and brand building on a global scale.

Robert Oblon, chairman of Sharing Services, added, "We exceeded our goals this past month as we continue our record-breaking pace within direct selling, but our best-in-class products and services are proving the concept on our very unique Blue Ocean Strategy."

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