Breaking News: Snipp Announces New Co-Branding Initiative and Partner Recruitment for Cannabis Companies

Snipp Interactive Inc. (OTCQB: SNIPF) (TSX-V: SPN), a global provider of digital marketing promotions, rebates and loyalty solutions, today announced a new service to help Cannabis companies leverage  Snipp’s deep experience in setting up co-branded partnerships, where two or more synergetic brands create a program together.

Co-branding opportunities in the Cannabis industry can be created between growers, product manufacturers and accessory brands as well as through sponsorship and reward collaborations with groups such as music labels and motor sport teams.  Snipp has already signed a number of companies in these industries to its recently launched Cannabis Marketing Resource Center and has direct license agreements with all major music labels in North America. In addition, Snipp has created and run successful co-branding marketing programs for brands in related industries like Pharma and Alcohol and is in a position to offer highly effective legally compliant co-branding opportunities to help create value for all parties – including the consumer.

To find out how these kinds of programs can positively increase marketing success we encourage interested parties to download our white paper here – Snipp also makes it easy to incent and reward customers with a simple yet flexible rewards platform. Click here to know more

For those interested in partnering with Cannabis companies. we also encourage you to sign up for the Snipp Cannabis Marketing Resource Center (“CMRC”), where we can match you with opportunities in the Cannabis space. The CMRC has about 50 participants already enrolled and continues to attract new sign ups weekly.

“We believe we are the first player in the Cannabis industry to systematically attempt to create co-branding opportunities. As we have done in related regulated industries, we can bring together brands from diverse product and service categories from within and outside of the Cannabis industry. These collaborations, when paired correctly, can really enhance the effectiveness of marketing programs. An example of one of our most effective programs is for a leading Alcohol company where consumers who buy a qualifying brand product get a $5 ride-share coupon to get home safely,” said Atul Sabharwal, Founder and CEO. “Snipp already has a robust portfolio of both incentive partners and clients on our platform. This will allow Cannabis companies to remain focused on their core business while we bring our clients & incentive partners to the table to accelerate fundamental metrics such as customer acquisition, shelf space, revenue, cost of customer acquisition, brand equity and loyalty.”

“I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate WeedMD and Hiku on their planned merger. This is a classic example of a co-branding partnership between a leading producer and a leading consumer oriented brand.”

Visit the Snipp website at for Snipp’s full suite of solutions and examples of Snipp programs.

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