Breaking News: Snipp Signs USD $515,000+, Two Year Loyalty Program Extension With a Multi-Brand European Retailer | Financial Buzz

Breaking News: Snipp Signs USD $515,000+, Two Year Loyalty Program Extension With a Multi-Brand European Retailer

Snipp Interactive Inc. (OTCQB: SNIPF) (TSX-V: SPN), a global provider of digital marketing promotions, rebates and loyalty solutions, today announced that it has received a two-year contract extension worth over USD $515,000 from an existing European loyalty client. Snipp has been successfully running a gift-card and loyalty program on the SnippLoyalty platform for this client since 2014 and previously had received scope of work extensions to incorporate additional functional modules in 2015 and a program extension in 2016.

The client is one of Europe’s largest shoe retailers, with four different brands, over 3,500 employees, and more than 340 locations across 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. This contract covers the operation of real-time loyalty programs for two of these brands, as well as an international gift-card platform.

The implementation of the program on the SnippLoyalty platform for the client has been designed to support the multiple brand, currency, regulatory and language requirements specific to the customer and the region. The administration platform and the consumer-facing portals support 10 different languages to ensure that program administrators and participating members are able to interact with the program in their local languages. Further, the SnippLoyalty promotion and voucher engine can also handle the various financial restrictions specific to each country that the program is deployed in.

“We are pleased with the continued growth in the scope of our engagement with this retail client, a strong signal of the client’s confidence in our work, as they continue to expand their relationship with us. Over the last few years we have significantly widened the technology scope of SnippLoyalty to address the needs of our integrated point-of-sale clients. We are particularly proud of the successful implementation of this multi-brand, multi-currency and multi-country loyalty program for this client, because it showcases the flexibility and comprehensive coverage capable under our platform,” commented Atul Sabharwal, CEO and founder of Snipp. “We continue to develop the SnippLoyalty platform to offer our clients more sophisticated loyalty solutions to engage their customers and drive incremental sales. As we have demonstrated with this contract, our platform can seamlessly handle multi-country and language requirements, which should continue to resonate with international brands in geographies where marketing blurs across country borders.”

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