Breaking News: Sugarmade Says “Goodnight” to Cannabis Flowers with BudLife Cannabis Storage Final Prototype Testing

Sugarmade, Inc. (OTC: SGMD) today announces an important step toward the introduction of the patented BudLife cannabis storage system. The Company has entered live prototype testing of cannabis flowers in various versions of BudLife, the first container system that maintains the integrity of cannabis flowers for up to six months.

"This week we effectively put these cannabis samples to sleep in modified, optimal atmospheres within the containers. We will closely monitor the samples over the coming days in order to determine the effects. Thus far, results in the laboratory have been impressive and we aim to replicate such results within our live testing environment. The samples are being stored in conditions similar to how we believe consumers would also store cannabis. With the California market opening to recreational purchases in only one month, we believe this final prototype testing is optimally timed," commented Jimmy Chan, CEO of Sugarmade.

After many iterations and modifications to the patented technologies, Plantation, Corp., which is Sugarmade's manufacturing partner, has come up with what it believes is the optimum storage atmosphere for cannabis flowers. BudLife products will preserve the important properties of cannabis THC levels, terpene quality, and trichome structure, along with aroma and feel.

"We are honored to be the exclusive distributor for BudLife products for the single largest cannabis market in the world, the U.S. states of California, Oregon and Washington," continued, Mr. Chan. "We believe this breakthrough is really important. With the growing glut of cannabis flowers in the marketplace, storage will be more critical than ever. As the California market opens up, we expect to see even more cannabis hit the market. We plan to help the cannabis industry deal with this supply issue via high quality preservation and storage products. We look forward to releasing pricing and final versions, and to begin to take pre-orders for these patented and trade secret protected products. We urge all of our investors to visit to review this groundbreaking cannabis storage technology."

The quality of cannabis has risen dramatically over the past few years and it's clear that premium product keeps consumers happy and allows growers and distributors to command premium prices. But, the quality of cannabis degrades quickly, which places the significant investments made in high quality product production at risk. BudLife products are design to significantly reduce this risk and to allow growers and distributors to store and control the release of their higher quality products at optimal times in order to maximize profits, thus helping users of BudLife to shape the cannabis supply and demand curve.

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