Breaking News: TPT GLOBAL TECH Signs first JV Licensing Partners to its Surfin Cycle Electric scooters division

TPT Global Tech (OTC: TPTW) announced today that the company has executed JV licensing contracts to place 400 Surfin Cycle electric scooters in several cities in United States and Mexicoin its first 30 days of launch. TPT Global Tech is offering joint venture licensing opportunities Domestically and Internationally for the tech-based electric scooter. The electric scooter business is one of the fastest growing markets. TPT Global plans are to equip scooters with their proprietary ViewMe Live app. The scooters will have SaaS technology and turnkey backend management operations with everything built-in to make it as simple as possible for operators to enter the electric scooter market. The ViewMe Live app is designed to allow franchisees to track user activity, generate revenue and allow riders to live stream their experiences.

“In addition to being an incredible opportunity for new operators who want to get in on the market established by Bird and Lime, Surfin Cycle with ViewMe Live is designed to create an on-line content community surrounding the Surfin Cycle experience which have the effect of also growing our user base through cross markets,” said Stephen Thomas, president and CEO, TPT Global Tech.

TPT intends to launch a home base operation in San Diego that will allow a live three day training for operators so they are prepared to launch their business. Surfin Cycle works by selling joint venture licensing opportunities to hotels, cruise ships and other proprietor led businesses who want to participate in the current electric scooter phenomenon.

Stephen also believes, “The Surfin Cycle franchise opportunity aligns perfectly with TPT Global Tech’s focus on using technology to enhance the consumer experience by creating targeted content, utilizing innovative technology solutions and using the data received to continually improve our products. Through the launch of the Surfin Cycle franchise opportunity, we intend to continue to fuel TPT Global Tech’s growth and believe this will enhance our ability to deliver unique and high-performing content while generating revenues and subscriber fees in a variety of unique ways unlike anyone else in the marketplace.”

TPT Global Tech maintains its commitment to invest in innovative, forward-thinking technology and content companies that establish growth opportunities through the “Internet of Things.”

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  1. John Taz. 8 months ago

    What is the law with these electric scooters please. If I got one would i be stopped by police? If i drove responsibly with helmit etc #electricscooter #police #electricscooters #Police

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